[ZOOM CLASS: JULY 16th &17th, 2020] Centonomy Kenya Offering a Free Cryptocurrency Class

Centonomy, one of the leading financial education institutions in Kenya, has organized a free training course that seeks to educate participants on why they should pay attention to cryptocurrencies.

The course training seeks to inform on the vast opportunities in the crypto world and will feature the leading blockchain associations in East Africa.

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Attendees will learn:

  • Discover new opportunities Cryptocurrencies present
  • Make sense of the current trends in Cryptocurrencies
  • Explore a trusted path that will help you find your place in Crypto

The course will feature the following:



As crypto scams continue to be a huge problem in East Africa, all attendees of this training will get a free crypto guide titled ‘How to Avoid a Scam’ which has been prepared by the participating associations.



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