Kenyan-based Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Platform, UTU, Launches a Token Sale

Utu Technologies - Home of Blockchain & AI in Kenya, wins the 2019 Trescon Regional Startup World Cup in Nairobi, Kenya
Utu Technologies – Home of Blockchain & AI in Kenya, wins the 2019 Trescon Regional Startup World Cup in Nairobi, Kenya

Utu, a decentralized artificial intelligence trust infrastructure, has launched a token sale for its UTU Protocol.

UTU’s vision is to become the trust infrastructure of the internet by replacing anonymous star ratings, reviews, and scores as the de facto trust mechanisms with a more reliable recommendations engine built on trust.

UTU originally started as a trust-powered taxi app that reflected the real world trust wherein users made simple recommendations about trusted taxis based on overlap between drivers. In time, the ‘Trust Engine’ was developed allowing other services to plug into this infrastructure.

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UTU’s 3 protocol core design principles are:

  • Trust must be delivered as infrastructure, not as a product. This meant APIs, Oracles, SDKs — not just a review community
  • Trust must be evaluated dynamically and presented descriptively — there is no universal scorecard for trust and we won’t turn a person into just a number
  • Trust must be decentralized and can be tokenized to flip the economics of digital trust from rewarding the manipulation of trust to rewarding the building of trust and creation of good outcomes

UTU is already developing pilots with several startups and companies that include:

  • MaraMoja (Africa) – trusted personal mobility services
  • Jamborow (Nigeria/Tanzania) – a pan-African platform that connects borrowers and lenders all over Africa
  • Telecom sector (partner to be announced)-  value-added services
  • Skuli (Kenya) – a trusted transport service for school children
  • DropExpress (Jersey) – a trusted logistics service
  • Graychain (Hong Kong) – a crypto credit scoring platform
  • Netwookie (Kenya) – connects customers with various service providers such as motorbike drivers, plumbers, cookers etc
  • TradeXSocial (Bulgaria) – a platform where you can mine cryptocurrency on any smart device and copy the most profitable crypto-traders multiplying your earnings without the prior need of relevant crypto knowledge
  • EasyCarros, (Brasil) – a platform connecting car owners with mechanics, car washers etc
  • ConnectHealth (Kenya) – provides services to medical plans and their preferred healthcare providers based on an Electronic Data Interchange platform that enable them to perform eligibility and benefit verification before treatment and claims submission after treatment
  • Tip Me (global) – direct tipping of factory workers
  • Dating (partner to be announced)
  • Fake news (partner to be announced)
  • Talent tech (partner to be announced)
  • Afrimart (Africa) – an ecommerce marketplace

According to UTU, the requirements for a trusted and decentralized platform can be summarized in 6 points below:

  • Facilitate a service marketplace, where services might be requested by clients or other (composed) services
  • Implement the token-related constraints and incentives as outlined on the white paper
  • Generally give participants a means of providing their data to interested parties, with secure (encrypted) storage and full automatic or semi-automatic access control
  • Provide a means of verifying identity of participants and other structured data by other participants or parties, possibly with zero-knowledge proofs
  • Enforce the platforms guarantees, particularly with regard to data privacy and integrity, independently of any entities which might be interested in gaining control of such a platform, such as governments, big companies or other organisations, or coalitions thereof
  • Deliver all of this through a simple intuitive UI, digestible by the average person with no knowledge of decentralised applications, blockchain, or cryptocurrencies

UTU Coin will be accepted as a form of payment within the UTU ecosystem of applications, by third party platforms and DAPPS. It will be required to use the UTU trusted recommendation service, and to pay users who demand it for accessing their data.


To participate in the token sale, join the UTU Telegram channel here:

Check out the UTU Whilte Paper here for details.




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