[WATCH] A Look at 3 Artists in Zimbabwe Who Have Embraced NFTs Despite Challenges

3 artists from Zimbabwe are among the first to embrace NFTs to monetize their art.

Greatjoy Ndlovu, a visual artist from Zimbabwe sold his first NFT on August 26, 2021, for 0.7 ETH or about $2,500.

The project, called Burnt Out, highlights the woes of medical care workers during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ndlovu indicated that NFTs represent a bright future for African artists and hopes that his foray into the sector serves to inspire more artists from across the continent.


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Greatjoy Ndlovu is one of Africa’s most celebrated artists whose work has been exhibited around the globe. Widely known to delve in societal issues in his work, this talented individual has been commissioned by Black Crown to create work that represent being authentic,

Ndlovu joins Nyash Warambwa and Indigo Saint as the 3 artists from Zimbabwe who have been successful in selling their NFTs.

Warambwa has sold 2 NFTS for 1.55 ETH.

Indigo Saint sold his work for $29 on Phantasma, a blockchain that is focused on NFTs and gaming.

While the 3 Zimbabweans are leading the way, artists across the continent are confronted with several challenges to accessing the marketplaces:

  • High gas fees
  • Poor understanding of NFTs
  • Spam on major marketplaces
  • Environmental concerns on blockchains
  • Concerns of a bubble
  • Some are afraid their work will be stolen

Artists across Africa are also leaping big on NFTs.

Osinachi, one of Nigeria’s most bankable digital artists, says he can command up to five figures for his NFT works.

In addition, a few natively African NFT platforms have come up to fill the growing need as this new digital asset class continues to take root across the continent.

Some of these platforms include:


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