WATCH: Twitter Rolls Out NFT Profiles – Only the Actual Owners Will Display NFT Avatars

Soon after news broke that Facebook was planning to launch NFT profiles and a marketplace, Twitter came out with news of its own – this time actually unveiling NFT profile pictures.

However, the new feature is only available for Twitter’s subscription tier Twitter Blue – and also just on iPhones for now.

Looking at screenshots shared by users, it can be seen that the feature will require users connect the app to a crypto wallet so they can select an NFT profile.

Users can also link wallets from:

  • Coinbase
  • Metamask
  • Trust
  • Rainbow
  • Argent
  • Ledger Live

With a link to their wallet, people can choose which NFT avatar to put on display. This is expected to help find a way for NFT owners to display what collection they hold.


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According to announcement from Twitter:

“Nowadays, people are using NFTs as a form of identity and self-expression, and as a gateway into the thriving community and increasingly active conversation on Twitter.”


According to Twitter, the new feature provides a seamless, user-friendly way for people on Twitter to verify their NFT ownership by allowing them to directly connect their crypto wallets to Twitter and select an NFT from their collection as their new profile picture.

To differentiate from other profile pictures, NFT owners will have profiles that are shaped as hexagons to authenticate that they are the actual owners.

With each NFT linked to its blockchain, only the actual owner of an image can display it in the new hexagonal profile image format.

Profile visitors will be able to view more information about each NFT by tapping on it, taking them through to a listing of both the owner and creator, as listed on the chain.

Twitter hasn’t provided any details on a full roll-out or test but it looks to be coming soon.


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