VIDEO – AMA with African Blockchain Developers Organized by the African Blockchain Alliance

The African Blockchain Alliance AMA, which included a chat with African Blockchain developers who have gone through the ConsenSys Ethereum course was a great eye opener to anyone looking to build on the technology across Africa.

The AMA provided some great insights into what skills are needed to build solutions on the blockchain, the technical know how of the technology, and the duration it takes to build.

The demand for development in Solidity and Ethereum is on the rise, according to one of the featured developers, and learning how to build using these tools will almost automatically position a developer for opportunities in the space.

Check out the video above where you got to learn from experienced blockchain developers from across Africa pioneering the development of solutions on the blockchain.

The African Blockchain Alliance, in partnership with ConsenSys, is offering an Ethereum development course at a subsidized cost, to African blockchain developers. The program is currently open and ongoing.