The First Blockchain Class in Kenya Graduates in Style

First Graduating Blockchain Class in Kenya at Betty's Place, the first business in Kenya to accept Bitcoin and Dash for payment
First Graduating Blockchain Class in Kenya at Betty’s Place, the first business in Kenya to accept Bitcoin and Dash for payment

The first blockchain class in Kenya graduated in style this Saturday which was held at Betty’s Place Restaurant, the first business in Kenya to accept Bitcoin for payment.

The graduants completed the DLBRT Blockchain for Business Course held at Strathmore Business School from March 9th – 30th 2019. This came about after Kenbright Actuarial & Financial Services (KAFS) and Strathmore Risk Management Centre signed an MOU on Blockchain Research and this program was among the first to come about after discussions.

The course was also an opportunity for the students to learn how cryptocurrencies are used in a real business case.  Beatrice Wanjiru, who runs Betty’s Place, was also among the graduates from the course.

It was also quite interesting to see some of the attendees paying lunch via Bitcoin.

We spoke with some of the graduants during the graduation event and this is what they had to say about the course:

“This is the equivalent of a TVET course (for those who understand the importance of vocational training) offered in conjunction with Strathmore University – a university known for its excellence in delivery. It is a hands-on course that equips one with very necessary skills. It is now available as a two-day course making it even more attractive, and one receives a certificate at the end of the course!
I’d like to see this course evolve more by providing additional in-depth knowledge to those who’d like to pursue it further and thus create more experts in this field of blockchain. The surface is yet to be scratched!”
~  Jacqui Kiruki – A Blockchain Miner, Trader and Enthusiast.
“It was eye opening, insightful, well paced &left me curious enough to keep on training.”
Roselyne Wanjiru– Blockchain Consultant at KeshoLabs.
“BfB has been very useful in providing me with fundamental knowledge for understanding various Distributed Ledgers. The classes opened me up to a whole intuitive world of the Blockchain.”
Philip Kiagara – BBS (Bachelor of Business Science) FE (Financial Economics) 3rd Year
“I enjoyed myself in the course. It broke down concepts for me, that were foreign. The interactive nature of the course was commendable.The mosaic of the composition of students helped greatly as well. Different fields merging as one…..we all found our place in the ecosystem.”
Muthoni Njogu – Advocate

The course that the students had completed is in 4 parts and is as below.

  1. Introduction to Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain Technologies (DLBRT).
  2. Blockchain Architecture: Components of a Smart Contract and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  3. The Intersection of Smart Contracts with human readable content to form Smart Contract Templates.
  4. Cryptocurrency Formation using ERC-20 Standards as a basis for Token Economics.
Robert Muthuri – Research Fellow, CIPIT

Akram Mathu – Financial Economics Student, Moi University, 3rd Year

Lujan Odera – Crypto Analyst / Trader

Currently the May Class is in Session.

This is among the first education programs in Kenya that want to reach the Kenyan masses on what is blockchain and how it can transform businesses. One can sign up for the May Course using this link.

For more information about the Blockchain course, you can drop an email to  [email protected] and get the opportunity to be “deliberate” on Blockchain technologies.


DLBRT (Distributed Ledgers, Blockchain & Research Technologies)is a public Kenyan startup that focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to create micro solutions which are digital enterprises.