BitHub Africa Releases an Analysis Tool for Crypto and Blockchain Projects

BitHub Africa, a blockchain accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya has announced CoinTest AI, a machine learning application, for analyzing technical fundamentals of open-source cryptoccurrency and blockchain projects.

CoinTest currently ranks the top 100 cryptoccurrency projects by productivity, rated daily!

CoinTest ranking the top 100 crypto projects by productivity, daily

The machine learning algorithm looks at performance metadata of these projects which includes the number of contributors, updates, and releases.

This tool will greatly help blockchain users, investors,  analysts & enthusiasts make better decisions on what platforms to support.

This tool will help cryptoccurrency users, investors, and enthusiasts analyse the technical fundamentals of public blockchain projects through quantitative analysis of productivity data.

Speaking to BitcoinKE, John Karanja, the CEO of BitHub Africa said:

“The cryptoccurrency market globally and particularly us in Africa have suffered from a lack of information on performance of cryptocurrency and blockchain from an engineering standpoint. This has led to a huge loss of money from speculative investments made into hyped projects as well as sophisticated scams that have entered the market. ”

CoinTest AI will be updated to include a wide scope of projects including distributed applications(Dapps).

Bithub Africa development team that worked on CoinTest

The team at BitHub Africa hopes that this tool helps the crypto-community in the following ways:

BitHub Africa is now crowd-sourcing feedback from the community, to help improve its machine learning algorithm, which will enhance the efficiency of the rating system of the tool.

You can contribute by giving us suggestions using the following links: