Block.One Announces Voice, a New Decentralized Social Media Platform on EOSIO Blockchain

To mark the EOS protocol one-year anniversary since its launch, Block.One has announced Voice, a decentralized social media platform running on the EOS public blockchain.

Speaking at the B1June Keynote, Dan Larimer, CTO, Block.One said:

“A year ago today, we released the EOSIO protocol. And in just that one year, I’m proud to say that EOSIO has become the fastest, most scalable, and most active blockchain software in the world. The EOS public blockchain currently makes up more than 60% of all blockchain activity. It also accounts for more than 48% daily active users.”

Dan Larimer, CTO, Block.One, the Company Behind the EOSIO Blockchain Protocol

With this as a backdrop, the CEO of Block.One, Brendan Blumer, highlighted the need for a better social media platform:

“Social media has not been a good friend to us. From data theft to misinformation, to rampart cyber-bullying, the costs are just all too real. Social giants are scrumbling to make things right by their users by professing new sets of values seemingly overnight promising to do better by their users. But the fact is, you can’t rebuild a house when the foundations are crambling.” ~ Brendan Blumer

After highlighting the need for users to have control over their content, data, and attention, Blumer spared no expense calling out current social media platforms for failing to protect user data and instead auctioning it to advertisers.

Brendan Blumer, CEO, Block.One, the Company Behind the EOSIO Blockchain Protocol

“We’re rewriting the formula. We’re building a platform where real people connect with real people. The bottom line is, social media where a majority of discourse takes place today. This transparency is one of the beauties of blockchain and made sure was a core part of the experience. Everyone, the user, platform, and contributor, plays by the same rules. Just a level playing ground where everyone has a Voice.”

Speaking of the new decentralized Voice platform, Larimer announced the Voice Token. The Voice Token is created when people create and discover content.

“What can you do with the Voice Tokens you earn? You can use them to increase the visibility of your own content or use it to allow others discover content you find valuable.

When you Voice a comment, you increase the content visibility. When someone else decides to voice it after me, I get my tokens back and some extra two.



The point is, on Voice, you don’t need a million followers to have an impact. This is just one way to use your tokens.” ~ Dan Larimer


Voice is already in beta and anybody is open to sign up for it here.

Another highlight was the announcement of the EOSIO 2.0 protocol which supports the latest web standards. The EOS VM, a web assembly engine designed specifically for blockchain, is expected to make the EOS protocol 12x faster. This means EOSIO can support more users with more activities.

Web Authn is Now Supported on the EOSIO Blockchain

EOSIO 2.0 will also support signing transactions via WebAuthn. Using private keys to protect access online. EOSIO 2.0 will leverage the authentication protocol as a digital signature essentially protecting your blockchain accounts.

The announcement of the EARN mass educational program to push for mass blockchain adoption was also a notable highlight. The program, in partnership with Coinbase, will see Coinbase users earn up to $10 worth of EOS tokens when they take the program.

EOS is already available on the Coinbase flagship program. The video lessons are free and will let users earn as they learn and develop on EOS.

You can watch the full #B1June keynote below: