Highlights from the Kenya Blockchain Taskforce Report Discussion Meetup

The Blockchain taskforce report meetup, organized by the Blockchain Association of Kenya, saw the Kenya blockchain community come together to discuss and deliberate on the recently launched report that highlights areas where blockchain can be implemented in the government.

The group discussions allowed and enabled the community to deliberate on issues discussed in the report and those missing from the report.

Below is a summary of the report findings by the community:

  • Finance
Blockchain and crypto will enable always-on money with no downtime that is faster, cheaper, and trustworthy.
  • Governance
Blockchain use will enable citizens access and see what the government is doing in various ministries. This will also improve accountability.
  • Housing

Blockchain can be applied in smart contracts when it comes to rent agreements with deposits secured in Escrow accounts. It will also offer transparency on landlords and tenants, similar to the rating on AirBnB.

Other areas where blockchain can be applied successfully include:

– Accountability for illegal plannings and construction approvals
– Access to development capital and structured projects for all
– Open ownership and authentication of projects which will enable easy searches for property ownerships.
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
The current manufacturing and supply chains are insecure and siloed with no data sharing.
Blockchain will bring about data security and mobility. It will also offer, more efficient supply chains, traceability, and transparency with the ability to track back on manufactured products.
A distributed supply chain will enable regulators have outright transparency while offering businesses some privacy.
  • Food Security, Agriculture, and Supply Chains
The current supply chains in this space are disconnected with no knowledge of what is available and lacking for farmers when it comes to equipment and farming materials. Blockchain will change all that.
  • Health, Lifestyle, Wellness
The current system is siloed which results in high fees for medical services, long wait times for service delivery, rogue medical practitioners and a widespread lack of technical expertise in the medical field.
Blockchain as a service in the healthcare industry offers an opportunity to tokenize wellness, incentivizing service delivery and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Culture & Sports
The cultural and sports field in the country is full of regulatory hurdles that include high or double licensing fees, investment difficulties, and cultural diversity that limit growth.
Blockchain can be implemented to help create support structures for artists, enforce copyright protection for the creative arts, and offer alternative funding such as ICOs and IEOs for the creative industry.
Blockchain can be used as a marketing tool to elevate and support artists as agents of change.
Overall, the discussion was both educational and informative. The community gave the report an A+ rating saying it is balanced and relevant.
The above conclusions will be compiled by the association and submitted to the Kenya Blockchain Taskforce. Feel free to contribute by sending your opinions, suggestions and comments to [email protected].