We are Funding an Initiative Around an Open Decentralized Standard for Social Media, Says Twitter CEO

Its been all over media – the banning of the President of the United States Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts – which has resulted in a backlash on the role of big tech, especially social media platforms, in the age of free speech.

Amidst this chaos, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has come out and admitted that this has brought to light the need for a new approach to social media, and decentralization is key to all of this.


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In a thread, Jack laid out the events leading to the ban of such a high-profile account and why this points to ‘a weak link’ when it comes to an open and free internet.

Here are some of the issues he raised on the thread:

  • A ban is a failure on Twitter that ultimately promotes unhealthy conversation – it fragments public conversation and sets a dangerous precedent
  • The recent actions will prove destructive to the noble purpose and ideas of an open internet over the long term
  • More transparency in moderation operations and enforcement is needed to avoid eroding a free and open global internet
  • Bitcoin demonstrates a foundational internet technology and model that embodies what the internet wants to be, and over time, more of it will be – not controlled or influenced by any single individual or entity
  • Twitter is a funding an initiative around an open decentrlized standard for social media dubbed Blue Sky – Twitter will simply be a client of this standard for the public conversation layer of the internet
  • The new standard Twitter is building or contributing to will be done completely through public transparency
  • The internet and global public conversation is the best and most relevant method of achieving the above objective.

Voices of dissent and support for a more open and fair internet have been echoed for years. Countries like China and Russia have expressed concern over this and advocated for building of a new and open internet while political leaders in America have filed historic antitrust suits seeking to break up big tech.

The European Union has taken a leading role when it comes to regulating big tech with different investigations and fines related to how powerful they’ve become, including new legislation to address their powers.

According to Congress, there is clear evidence to the pernicious role of social media platforms in the fraying of America’s social fabric, and recent events continue to further support this.

The above comments and reflections by Jack, on behalf of Twitter, are clear evidence that a more decentralized internet is inevitable.

It is likely that other social media platforms might follow and support the Blue Sky initiative – a decentralized internet standard – and help realize a truly decentralized global internet, much sooner than we envisioned.


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