GT Bank Ghana Hires a Blockchain Developer

GT Bank, a reputable banking institution in Ghana with subsidiaries across a number of African countries, has hired a Ghanaian blockchain developer.

According to the job advert, the bank was looking for a young coder with blockchain knowledge and digitally aware to start work immediately.

GT Bank offers banking services in remittances, foreign currency, and funds transfers across a variety of African jurisdictions which includes:

GT Bank has won several awards in recognition of its strength and prowess in the area of innovation and introduction of a plethora of electronic banking channels. It has also been named the ‘Best Digital Banking – Ghana’ award winner in 2017 and 2018.

As cross-border payments and remittances grow exponentially across Africa, banking institutions are looking for ways to enable these seamless transactions and move money fast across borders. Blockchain offers a convenient way to do that.

GTBank offers a whole range of remittance services across a number of African countries and it is likely they are considering the use of blockchain technology to further enable service delivery.


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