Blockchain Zambia Launches and Initiates an Education Campaign Across Zambia Under UABA

The recently formed Blockchain Zambia association has embarked on a blockchain awareness programme with a focus on women and youth across Africa.

Blockchain Zambia, the Zambian chapter affiliated with the United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) headquartered in South Africa, was formed after a meeting held in Zambia’s Capital, Lusaka, that was initiated and included the chairperson of UABA, Yaliwe Soko.


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The association is rolling out an education campaign titled ‘Blockchain 101 Train a Trainer’ which is aimed at delivering impactful blockchain projects in Africa to a million people.

Yaliwe spoke with BitcoinKE on the UABA initiatives in Zambia and described the space in the country:

“From my experience, we expect adoption in Zambia to move fast. We are working with financial intelligence people trying to get regulators on board and educate them on the benefits of the technology.”

Yaliwe Soko, Chair, UABA

Speaking on the recent Zambian UABA chapter, Yaliwe said:

“UABA is honoured to officially welcome Blockchain Zambia. This is the beginning of UABA cross-pollination of our mandate across Africa. I believe we will see explosive growth in Zambia. The team is on fire.”


In regards to blockchain adoption and use cases in Zambia, Yaliwe said:

“We have noticed that all the countries around us are developing in the blockchain space but we are not. We intend to bring our government up to speed about the benefits of Blockchain use cases. We intend to be the organization that will be at the forefront educating the masses on the blockchain technology.”

UABA is the supporting structure for Blockchain Zambia and is helping onboard trainers and education initiatives now happening in the country.

Yaliwe hinted to other countries where the education campaign will take place that include:

“We have a list of about 13 countries on our program. We are looking for partnerships in those countries. We are having initial discussions with partners on the ground. We want to onboard high-level trainers across these countries. Phase One of the program is taking place between now and December.” Noted Yaliwe.

Speaking on the future of this technology, she added:

“We really want to equip the women and youth. This technology is open for all. If we can have use cases that are user friendly, then we will see massive adoption.”


About UABA

The United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) is a non-profit organization  that has been set up to promote the comprehensive adoption of blockchain technology across the public and private sectors in Africa and also partners with other blockchain organizations and associations in delivering blockchain projects across the African continent.




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